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vietnamese : vnconvert
Converts Vietnamese text files between popular formats
VNconvert is similar to the VPS "convert" for MS-DOS, and in fact, is based on the coding table provided by Vietnamese Professional Society (VPS). VNconvert converts Vietnamese text files between the following formats: VISCII (RFC 1456), VNCII (VPSWin), VPSedit (DOS), VNI, VNLab/VNU, VNU (Windows), VN Thin-Art (Mac), VN Thin-Art (PC), Viet-Toan, Plain Vietnamese, and Standard VIQR (RFC 1456) David O'Brien [email protected]
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (convert.tar) = 31d372c6f0bf0eef448f152d9e6f0ccf SHA256 (convert.tar) = a524770edda244664ccc964a1ece7c0e53ac0f53289a13d33a1eccabb1aafed8 SIZE (convert.tar) = 96768
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