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vietnamese : vnelvis
A vi clone that speaks Vietnamese
Tha^n cha`o ca'c ba.n, VNElvis is a clone of vi/ex (the standard UNIX editor) that allows the displaying and editing of documents in the Vietnamese 8-bit VISCII (VIetnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange) (RFC 1456) data format using the 7-bit VIQR (VIetnamese Quoted Readable) input method. It is expected that you will run vnelvis w/in a vnterm. Because of the way vi utilizes various key strokes, it may be better to turn off vnterm's VIQR processing and allow vnelvis to handle the VIQR input itself. You do this by "set vnkeys". Because "dd" --> "-d" in VIQR, "qq" has been added as a means of deleting a line. Otherwise vnelvis behaives as expected. David O'Brien [email protected]
Version number : 1.4
Md5 : MD5 (vnelvis.tar.Z) = 6c4e0e577d09b86d47319d13a10d27e8 SHA256 (vnelvis.tar.Z) = e6d051f73c3c9f1f9db9dda6a0f50f897cd43526b3c73fca853c88aadb0650c2 SIZE (vnelvis.tar.Z) = 295861
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