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vietnamese : vnlpr
Shell script and set of fonts to print Vietnamese text on PostScript printer
vnlpr is a shell script that utilizes the vnpstext and vn7to8 utilities to print vietnames text on PostScript printer on Unix machines using various Type-1 fonts supplied by TriChlor and the Courier fonts from the vnpstext package. The Type-1 font files are converted from the pfb files. am_11.gsf A'nh Minh font (Optima) hm_11.gsf Heo May font (Helvetica) hy_11.gsf Hoa`ng Ye^'n font (Present Script) mq_11.gsf Minh Qua^n font (Courier) pt_11.gsf Phu+o+ng Tha?o font (Brush Script) th_11.gsf Tha Hu+o+ng font (Chancery) uh_11.gsf U Hoa`i font (Utopia) These fonts can also be used with the ghostscript package for conversion of PostScript file into other printer formats. The .gsf files should be placed at the same place as the initialization files for the vnpstext package.,,,,, and are PostScript files that show the above font types. Instruction for using the vnlpr script is in the begining of the script, and also by typing 'vnlpr -h' will show a description of the usage also. You'll need to edit the VNLIB environment variable in vnlpr so it point to this directory that contains the .gsf files. You must also install vnpstext first. For example: vnlpr -mq -s 8 emtoi This print emtoi using MinhQua^n size 8 vnlpr -uh -s 10 -i emtoi This print emtoi using U Hoa`i Italic size 10 Read the INSTALL file for installation procedure. - Happy printing - Written by Phu`ng Gia Cu+ ([email protected])
Version number : 2.0
Md5 : MD5 (vnlpr.tar.Z) = 48ee11619260b84c5f68ae7fe7c12a6a SHA256 (vnlpr.tar.Z) = dec867d201b435db010ea63506df721bbe9cdd7de3f37c1c01a7d715ff2eea7a SIZE (vnlpr.tar.Z) = 963803
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