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vietnamese : vnpstext
Converts 8-bit VISCII Vietnamese text into PostScript
Tha^n cha`o ca'c ba.n, Vnpstext converts your 8-bit Vietnamese text to a PostScript file suitable for printing to a PostScript printer. To use it you need to have an 8-bit Vietnamese text file (VISCII, RFC 1456), which may be created with an editor like Vnelvis, or converted from Viet-Std 7-bit (VIQR, quoted-readable) format using vn7to8. David O'Brien [email protected]
Version number : 1.1
Md5 : MD5 (vnpstext.tar.Z) = ef83a2ce219fea5fe37e79882174e535 SHA256 (vnpstext.tar.Z) = 592900616c863b39e6ee615c3b5316daedd438289ffa202c75ffb8d01ac84c95 SIZE (vnpstext.tar.Z) = 67721
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