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vietnamese : vnterm
An xterm that speaks Vietnamese
Tha^n cha`o ca'c ba.n, vnxterm is a xterm replacement with Vietnamese VIQR 1.1 (7-bit VIetnamese Quoted Readable/Viet-Net, RFC 1456) support. This version of vnterm is derived from the X11R6.5.1 xterm, and thus has simular capabilities. Please see the README file in the share/doc/vnterm directory. Note, if you are a new user, or not quite understand X resources or X font paths, etc., simply use the command "VNterm". David O'Brien [email protected]
Version number : 3.4
Md5 : MD5 (xorg-1.tar.gz) = 548660121d260dfc3ef19ee1d3e66b6e SHA256 (xorg-1.tar.gz) = 0cae081bf3aa1be27c0616c243e8d48ce44a2e781c1b03fe81de6ed11c6e0189 SIZE (xorg-1.tar.gz) = 15879579
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