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x11-fm : asfiles
X11 file manager. Dockable in WindowMaker
This is a hack to OffiX Files-2.4e to make it look like the NeXT file manager. The icons are now pretty. This is basically a remake of what Alfredo Kojima did in AfterStep-Plus many months ago. It provides virtually all of the features that you would expect in a file manager -- move around your directory tree in multiple windows, move, copy or delete files, and launch programs with simple mouse operations. It is dockable provided you use WindowMaker.
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (ASFiles-1.0.tar.gz) = cd385e5bd93a75cb110c7544f86cc303 SHA256 (ASFiles-1.0.tar.gz) = 84450fb869fe474123988abb0a6abe1e458be04238f9afb79d1a7fcee66e95c1 SIZE (ASFiles-1.0.tar.gz) = 207125
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