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x11-fm : dfm
OS/2 - like Desktop-File-Manager for X Window System
DFM is Desktop File Manager for X Window System. It works like the OS/2 WPS. Files are shown as icons and every folder has it's own window. Desktop background is a special folder in the home directory. Here are some features: * icons may have any size and position * show XVPICS as icons * save icon and window info * iconname to cutbuffer (paste to xterm, ...) * "Constant position" icons that cannot be moved (or arranged) * easy adding new programs to the desktop * Offix DND support * Detail View / Structure View * ...
Version number : 0.99.9
Md5 : MD5 (dfm-0.99.9.tar.gz) = c6347874028a2dd2c8ec3dec33968fea SHA256 (dfm-0.99.9.tar.gz) = 71aaef5e3a5e5f8cf58cd1d428e5fcb49eed8f9fa7d000baf26f3b423119bdd3 SIZE (dfm-0.99.9.tar.gz) = 389444
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