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x11-fm : emelfm2
The gtk2 port of emelfm, a fast graphical filemanager
This is a port of emelFM2. emelFM2 is a file manager that implements the popular two-pane design. It features a simple GTK+2 interface, a flexible file typing scheme, and a built-in command line for executing commands without opening a xterm.
Version number : 0.3.5
Md5 : MD5 (emelfm2-0.3.5.tar.gz) = 4f5a065a7d35371a920533153f24e362 SHA256 (emelfm2-0.3.5.tar.gz) = 8eeacc5dad3fcb562bde6b8817c4beee3ec2354d1f5f38ec4bd656f0bf9d0b0a SIZE (emelfm2-0.3.5.tar.gz) = 1081106
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