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x11-fm : mtoolsfm
A graphical frontend to mtools
As a graphical frontend to mtools, mtoolsfm is a program which should give people easy access to floppies under UNIX-like operating systems. It can do simple tasks of a file-manager and makes use of mtools to access floppies.
Version number : 1.9.3
Md5 : MD5 (MToolsFM-1.9-3.tar.gz) = 5ce76261ad969209c86b28e49924fc43 SHA256 (MToolsFM-1.9-3.tar.gz) = 665f575d86247779a384a2098057730821d80ed3059b6ed3fa1bc409ba733cfe SIZE (MToolsFM-1.9-3.tar.gz) = 177388
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