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x11-fm : velocity
GNOME file and desktop manager
This is a port of velocity. A file and desktop manager for GNOME designed to replace Nautilus. It is designed to be fast, efficient, and very powerful. It supports advanced features such as: * View Profiles - Allowing you to customize the way you view files. * Context menu image preview - allowing you a clearer view of thumbnailed files. * Add-ons - Scripts to help do odd or complex tasks and Templates to make creating new documents simpler.
Version number : 0.1.0b
Md5 : MD5 (velocity-0.1.0beta.tar.bz2) = 8873aff1c3b1759cbfd21944360ac087 SHA256 (velocity-0.1.0beta.tar.bz2) = f5d2b18cbc2e59c875cae70e0e1f8c486e84b90579304c67979dde6474360dc2 SIZE (velocity-0.1.0beta.tar.bz2) = 346094
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