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x11-fm : workplace
File manager and launcher
WorkPlace is a file manager and launcher which can copy files between another instance of itself by drag-and-drop (not supported in this version) or change permissions with one click. If you try to set preferences, the program is likely to crash, either on exit or immediately, possibly destroying your preference files. I recommend manually editing the WPPref and WPSuffix examples, then placing them in your ~/.workplace/. Trevor Johnson
Version number : 1.0.a3
Md5 : MD5 (workplace-1.0.a3.tar.gz) = b224042f0042d8b0505dc9e702f00244 SHA256 (workplace-1.0.a3.tar.gz) = 1406e10ce40611dbcef408dca2a03ffc26bf1bdbfcbb21765bf791418dc8a582 SIZE (workplace-1.0.a3.tar.gz) = 178180 MD5 (workplace-1.0.a3+tj1.diff.gz) = 8494e7f8d75c6a68d72a7643c5fd1468 SHA256 (workplace-1.0.a3+tj1.diff.gz) = b4984a7459ab1264f34e7d79e313042e0c47986c06100eed7d24fd03e24ed891 SIZE (workplace-1.0.a3+tj1.diff.gz) = 3193
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