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x11-fm : xcruise
Navigate through a three-dimensional view of a file system
XCruise allows you to ``cruise'' within a 3D-formed file system. It constructs the universe from a directory tree, and you can move your viewpoint with mouse. It is only a viewer, take care of motion sickness, though.
Version number : 0.30
Md5 : MD5 (xcruiser-0.30.tar.gz) = e57f03ec811c7d47b8713bbfafff088c SHA256 (xcruiser-0.30.tar.gz) = 917b68dc06389bfcdde742f0798f61cdeaea2ae3c6567960c33f7634d4861ce5 SIZE (xcruiser-0.30.tar.gz) = 38667
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