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x11-fm : xdiskusage
Show where disk space is taken up
This utility runs "du" to scan directories of your choosing, then displays a graph which emphasizes the subdirectories where the largest files are kept, and optionally lists the files themselves. You can descend into the directory tree, or back out, by clicking on the graph. If you save the output of "du" in a file, xdiskusage can analyze that too. PostScript output is available.
Version number : 1.48
Md5 : MD5 (xdiskusage-1.48.tgz) = a902aa9d73761ade98256c3cd5c1f533 SHA256 (xdiskusage-1.48.tgz) = 7842aa42510bf52c367164d44a977915ad9f070864d5175157738f8d6894274b SIZE (xdiskusage-1.48.tgz) = 37332
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