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x11-fm : xplore
Yet another Motif file manager
Xplore is a powerful and highly configurable Motif file manager with an Explorer-like user interface. Besides the usual tree and file views, xplore also has a "shelf", a kind of clipboard inspired by the NeXT file manager, and a "log" pane for capturing output from launched programs. The builtin automounter allows you to access special devices in a transparent manner. Files can be moved and copied using simple mouse operations, and you can execute type-specific shell commands when a file is opened, used as the target of a drag and drop operation, or manipulated using popup menus. File types can be defined in terms of arbitrary filename and MIME type patterns. Full keyboard navigation is also supported, including an incremental filename search facility. Last not least, xplore speaks all standard X11 session management protocols and thus integrates nicely with most popular desktop environments.
Version number : 1.2a
Md5 : MD5 (xplore-1.2a.tar.gz) = a4bd64350b4fd32397ad9e03761f64ea SHA256 (xplore-1.2a.tar.gz) = 828580ed8245f71e563e41eedca7df10491eac9ca20324ca66fde88ae4628416 SIZE (xplore-1.2a.tar.gz) = 662329
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