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astro : gpsman
A Tcl/Tk-based GPS management utility
GPS Manager (GPSMan) is a graphical manager of GPS data that makes possible the preparation, inspection and edition of GPS data in a friendly environment. GPSMan supports communication and real-time logging with both Garmin and Lowrance receivers and accepts real-time logging information in NMEA from any GPS receiver.
Version number : 6.3.2
Md5 : MD5 (gpsman-6.3.2.tgz) = dcc72b7a2a1b61f98f8432f8eb367213 SHA256 (gpsman-6.3.2.tgz) = 91664e3b963181f140ea39f35dc06d9a06ac74d3938acd171d13482e1f12022e SIZE (gpsman-6.3.2.tgz) = 1191586
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